Over the past couple of months, we have been working long and hard to get to a point where we can start adding value to the amazingly creative customers listed on our website. This is by no means the end and we will continue and strive to grow in leaps and bounds.


We recently introduced new listing options on our website for Craft Ciders, Craft Tequila and Craft Gin. This allows us to draw attention from a larger audience and help the companies listed gain more exposure. This exposure leads to new business.


Following on from the attention of a larger audience, we have reached an amazing milestone in the short time we have been around and reached 1000+ likes on our Craft Beers in SA Facebook page. This achievement was reached without any form of paid marketing, which is something we will be investing in soon.


We have also started working furiously on the International Beer Day Music Festival, 4 August 2017. This is a huge step for us and will become one of the annual festivals talked about by many and we have planned to host most of the amazing people listed on our website, so your support for these crazy, hard-working people will help make this a massive success.


In closing, we want to thank each and every person who has liked our pages for the support.