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    Sxollie Cider

    Sxollie, an alcoholic apple cider that salutes the opportunistic and playful spirit of urban Africa. With a unique flavour profile enhanced through the use of fresh South African apples and our secret recipe inspired by winemaking expertise, Sxollie skilfully salutes the distinctive flavour of apple varietals. Our ciders are distinctive, Read more [...]

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    Windermere Cider

    Windermere Cider delivers in and around Cape Town and Johannesburg. For more information or orders for Windermere Cider, please contact us. Email: Cape Town : Tamsin Stephens on 083-722-1099 Johannesburg: Richard Stephens on 083-378-4015

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    Everson’s Cider

    You know that guy you meet who constantly uses his fingers to make inverted commas. He’s annoying, right? Well…if you met me I would annoy the hell out of you. You see, I do that all the time. I do it when I talk about the mass-produced “cider” that some Read more [...]