Festive Season is Upon Us

Festive Season is Upon Us

2016 has almost come to an end and the festivities have already started for many around South Africa. We are no different and will continue to celebrate the steady climb of Food Trucks and Craft Beers in SA brand, since it launched a little less than a week ago.


We have seen some awesome statistics, that show a massive interest in what we have created. Here are some of the amazing highlights over the past couple of weeks:


267 Unique Visitors
New Users
13 Newly Registered Users
3124 Page Views
Best Day
168 Visitors
Craft Beer Fans
800+ Facebook Fans
Food Truck Fans
200+ Facebook Fans

Festive Season is Upon Us

Remember to share, invite, like and be part of the Food Truck and Craft Beer family and use the hashtags #FoodTrucksInSA and #CraftBeersInSA.


Not bad for a fresh launch!


2017 will see some exciting things happening starting off with a marketing plan to gain the required exposure for all of our amazing Food Trucks and Craft Beers. Then more new about events around the country will be shared as the relevant deals are signed.


We will also be working on a number of campaigns to market all the Food Trucks and Craft Beers to event companies, corporate clients and the general public. This is a must from our side to make sure not only the Food Trucks and Craft Beers are successful, but this is one of the core drivers for our success.


To top it all off, we will be hosting two massive events in Jozi and Cape Town. We not going to divulge too much info here but we are aiming high on these.


To close off, we wish all our customers, Food Truck and Craft Beer peeps a blessed Christmas and a fantastically tasty new year.


Catch you all on the Flip Side.


Chief Fire Starter