Oakes – All Female Brewery

In our first weekly featured brewery segment, we have a look at the all female brewery aptly named Oakes. A name more commonly used by the male specifies and more so in an industry that is commonly linked to the men.


Founded in October 2013, the brewery offers great tasting, home brewed, hand crafted beer. Enough to satisfy any beer lovers palette.


A dream that finally came to life by lifelong friends Delia and Thea, over a couple of sips of vino. Oakes Brew House, located in Modderfontein, #Jozi was toasted into existed a year and six months later. Situated in a beautiful crisp white duplex, creatively brightened up with warm colours of red and brown, this all female brewery can be found next door the the Portuguese restaurant called 33 High Street. Even though the name Oakes takes a dig at the make species, the name was in fact inspired by the majestic oak trees that populate the area. You will notice this once you step foot into the venue.


The brewer of the the fine beverages we all love at Oakes is none other than Happy Sekanka. A female in her early 30s, who takes on the majorly white, male-dominated industry has seen Oakes gain in popularity.


Having seen a gap in the ever dominating male industry, Bailey, a pharmacist has made a success this business a success and it was a gamble that has paid off and will continue to do so.


The brewery currently makes and sells four types of beers. Both on tap and in 450ml bottles.